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Muscle Fitness Rx is a website for the latest information on supplements, workout plans, diet and nutrition. Our team fully investigates all the latest information for all your fitness needs.


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A trusted source and authority on everything fitness. From diet and nutrition to workouts and supplements. We want to help both men and women improve their lives.

Muscle Fitness Rx, a trusted source for supplement recommendations. Many sites only cater to their own products, we research and review all supplements-the good and the bad.

Our goal at Muscle Fitness Rx is providing only the best and accurate information, helping you get the most out of your fitness goals.

We research all supplements. Weight loss pills, male enhancement pills, natural testosterone boosters. We even have a whole section on legal steroid alternatives.

Looking to build muscle, get stronger or lose weight? Check out our workout plans. We offer many workouts from the nations top personal trainers. From the seasoned bodybuilder to the person just starting our on their fitness journey, we have the workout for you.

You’ve got the information on supplements, the workout plan, next comes diet and nutrition. Here at Muscle Fitness Rx, we help you know what to eat to keep you in tip top shape. From feeding your muscles to keeping the weight off, no matter your goal.

We hope our website helps you make the best choices when it comes to your health.