Workout Supplement Basics

Basic Guidelines When It Comes To Workout Supplements

Though there is now a huge number of various different workout supplements available on the market. Most of them are composed of the same basic building blocks.  In fact, most workout supplements fall into two general categories, these being, pre-workout supplement and post-workout supplement.

Build Muscle, Increase Strength and Lose Weight

Of course, when it comes to building muscle the fact remains that knowing just what will work for you takes some experimenting.  However, workout supplements can make a pretty big difference in terms of weight loss, muscle building, and strength and stamina.

The two most important times to take workout supplements are before and right after a workout.  Though some supplements can be taken at night with some benefit, in general, the above remains true.


Basically in your pre-workout supplements you’ll find formulas that contain a combination of amino acids, B vitamins, herbal extracts, creatine, caffeine and sometimes other herbs and vitamins.

The pre-workout supplement is most importantly there to give you energy.  Taking a supplement before a workout can help with stamina, focus and strength.  This can make it easier to stay focused and get through a tough training session.


Post-workout supplements are designed to repair muscle tissue, improve the speed of healing, and provide your body with the nutrients it needs for a quick recovery.

Amino Acids

Amino acids and proteins are essential to both pre and post workout supplements.  This is because they are vital to building and repairing muscle. Protein powder can help feed your body through a workout, but these powders can also be taken in the morning and evening as well.

Amino acids are essentially the building blocks of protein.  This means that they are necessary for the repair and growth of muscles.  These can be taken both before and after a workout too and will often be found in pre and post-workout formulas.  Before a workout amino acids will help with muscle development, while after a workout these can help to repair muscle tissue.

Though it may take some experimenting to find the formula and combination that works best for you, you should not discount the usefulness of these helpers.  Most serious bodybuilders, athletes and fitness professionals use workout supplements and find that these dramatically improve their overall performance.

Best Muscle Building Supplements

If you want to build lean muscle mass and want to do so quickly, then choosing a good supplement can certainly help.  Muscle building takes time but you can help speed the process up by giving your body exactly what it needs to really bulk up.  Supplements, alongside a healthy diet and exercise program are a great way to kick start muscle development.

Muscle building supplements fall into a few categories, including: meal replacement therapies, weight gain powders; protein powders; creatine; glutamine; essential fatty acids; multivitamins and minerals; and high energy glucose.  Depending on what you’re looking for and what sort of daily exercise habits you have, one or more of these might be right for you.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most common muscle building supplements used by bodybuilders and professional athletes.  As its name suggests, protein derived from whey. Created as a byproduct in the production of cheese and is one of the highest sources of protein you can get.  Beating out most other protein supplements, but if you are unable to eat dairy, then you can choose a soy or alternate vegan variety.

Meal Replacements

Meal Replacements:  If you can’t seem to eat enough, or enough of the right things for muscle development than you may want to try a meal replacement powder.  These are great because they give you exactly what your body needs for muscle development. Namely, high protein and low fat nutrients.


Creatine: Creatine is a well known muscle building supplement.  It helps to energize the body and increases stamina for intense training sessions and workouts.  It is a highly popular supplement.Known as the legal form of steroids by those in the bodybuilding industry.


Glutamine:  Glutamine is becoming increasingly popular now.  In fact, it is the most frequently used amino acid on the market.  It helps the body to build muscle mass while preventing muscle loss.  It also helps the body to synthesize proteins.

Getting enough EFAs and choosing a good multivitamin and mineral complex will also be an essential component of ensuring your body has what it needs to endure intense physical activities and training regimes.  By feeding your body the right nutrients you will ensure better performance and stamina.