Taurine is an amino acid that functions as one of the building blocks of other aminos. As such, though it is known as a semi-essential amino acid, it is key to many of the body’s functions.

Found in the white blood cells of the body, in the skeletal muscles, the central nervous system and notably in the heart muscle. Also a component important to the regulation of the metabolic system.

Adults do make this amino acid naturally; however some people can become deficient. Supplemental Taurine can correct the issues.

Found in eggs, meats, fish and dairy products. Vegetarians and vegans especially may therefore be at risk of deficiencies.

How Taurine Works

Working to stabilize cell membranes in the heart and helps with brain functioning. Associated with proper development and as such, low levels may lead to developmental problems including developmental delays, growth retardation and macular degeneration.

L-Taurine, used in a variety of ways in order to treat conditions affecting the heart, liver, central nervous system and brain. Thus L-Taurine supplementation used in cases of seizure disorders, epilepsy, alcohol abuse, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular ailments and cystic fibrosis.

Some of the most fundamental benefits of this amino acid include increased digestion of fats and stabilization of cholesterol serum levels; antioxidant effects including immune system strengthening; heart rhythm stabilization and prevention of blood clots in the body, heart muscle strengthening; diabetes prevention; and lowered blood pressure.

Some studies have shown that  supplementation can help with heart failure. Other studies have found that supplementation may also lower insulin resistance and fat accumulation around the abdomen area. Metabolic rate function has also been shown to be improved with the use of Taurine supplements.

Bodybuilding with Taurine

For bodybuilders, helps increase nitrous oxide in the body thereby in turn increasing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Therefore useful to take alongside NO2 supplements.

Recommended doses of Taurine supplementation range from about 3-5 grams a day.

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